descriptionphp extension to receive file descriptors via unix socket (ancillary)
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last changeMon, 10 Jul 2017 09:53:21 +0000 (11:53 +0200)
2017-07-10 Matteo Nastasisupport for php5.6.30 master v0.6.0
2013-01-30 Matteo Nastasi... logging disabled v0.5.1
2012-12-11 Matteo Nastasi... fuse all ancillary related staff into php-ancillary... v0.5.0
2012-12-11 Matteo Nastasi... add new files
2012-12-11 Matteo Nastasi... disable log
2012-07-23 Matteo Nastasi... add close after shutdown call
2012-07-20 Matteo NastasiREADME added with the todolist to be consistent
2012-07-20 Matteo Nastasi... modified to have access to remote hostname
2012-06-28 Matteo Nastasi... headers via ctrl_socket and a php variable v0.2.0 v0.3.0 v0.4.0
2012-06-28 Matteo Nastasi... control socket added to receive socket-related data
2012-06-19 Matteo Nastasi... first working version (one shot version)
2012-06-11 Matteo Nastasi... first commit
3 years ago v0.6.0
7 years ago v0.5.1
7 years ago v0.5.0
8 years ago v0.4.0
8 years ago v0.3.0
8 years ago v0.2.0
6 months ago no-more-log
3 years ago master