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2012-02-05 Matteo Nastasisuggestion to update .data file added to README file v0.1.3
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2011-09-07 Matteo NastasiT_TEL instead of TEL_NUMBERS tag
2011-09-07 Matteo Nastasi_ escaping moved to .tex output
2011-09-07 Matteo Nastasiconcatenate sed commands
2008-02-27 Matteo Nastasi... image for html curri template
2007-12-09 Matteo Nastasi... content attributes section added
2007-12-09 Matteo Nastasi... 'open' double quote substitute
2007-12-09 Matteo Nastasi... label to extract data from htm file added
2007-12-08 Matteo Nastasi... first commit
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