2020-05-14 Matteo Nastasiupdate version to 3.0.1 master v3.0.1
2020-05-14 Matteo Nastasiadd close() of socketpaired socket opened and passed...
2020-05-14 Matteo Nastasirefactoring to be closer to original proxy_pass plugin...
2020-04-04 Matteo Nastasifix missing time() argument fdpass2-pool
2020-04-04 Matteo Nastasitime() casting for sprintf
2020-04-04 Matteo Nastasireverted removed #endif
2020-04-04 Matteo Nastasireverted removed #endif
2020-04-04 Matteo Nastasibig cleanup of wrong pasted lines
2020-04-04 Matteo Nastasitypo fixed
2020-04-04 Matteo Nastasibetter printf type for time_t
2020-04-04 Matteo Nastasimissind declaration fixed
2020-04-04 Matteo Nastasiadd pull of unix sockets to interact with brisk
2020-04-04 Matteo Nastasiupdate version
2017-07-10 Matteo Nastasidebian version updated v2.0.0
2017-07-10 Matteo Nastasimove to proxy_fdpass2 name plugin to avoid clash names
2013-03-21 Matteo Nastasi... debug log disabled v0.1.1
2013-02-20 Matteo Nastasi... move from a loop to read all the POST request to a...
2013-02-13 Matteo Nastasi... POST method with explicit charset on the tail managed
2012-07-26 Matteo Nastasi... try to connect before remove header handler to return...
2012-07-11 Matteo Nastasi... code cleanup v0.4.0
2012-07-11 Matteo Nastasi... headers output managment moved to the dedicated server
2012-07-02 Matteo Nastasi... first complete header/post management v0.3.0
2012-06-28 Matteo Nastasi... headers via ctrl_socket v0.2.0
2012-06-28 Matteo Nastasi... control socket added to pass headers and other socket...
2012-06-27 Matteo Nastasi... add code to take incoming headers
2012-06-25 Matteo Nastasi... first commit of mod-proxy-fdpass using as package stub...