2020-05-10 Matteo Nastasiadd new 'no border' card set and finalized sprite_main... folders-refact master
2020-05-10 Matteo Nastasiremoved all tEXt chunk from png images to generate...
2020-05-10 Matteo Nastasicss and empty files fixed
2020-05-10 Matteo Nastasimissing working dir added
2020-05-10 Matteo Nastasigrand folder refactoring
2020-05-10 Matteo Nastasisome working folder added
2020-05-10 Matteo Nastasifolders refactorings
2020-05-05 Matteo NastasiMerge branch 'master' of git.birds.lan:brisk-img
2020-05-05 Matteo Nastasinew brisk background sprites
2020-05-04 Matteo Nastasiupdate 'yy' cards
2020-05-04 Matteo Nastasiupdate 'yy' sprites with proper cover size
2020-05-04 Matteo Nastasifix cards css generator
2020-05-04 Matteo Nastasiadd light background
2020-05-04 Matteo Nastasiadd card empty for 'yy' deck
2020-05-04 Matteo Nastasiadd yy deck
2020-05-03 Matteo Nastasiadd second deck with slim cards
2020-05-03 Matteo Nastasimove single cards in a different folder
2020-05-03 Matteo Nastasihalf size border
2020-05-03 Matteo Nastasitypo fixed
2020-05-03 Matteo Nastasiupdates
2020-04-30 Matteo Nastasiadd transparent cards as background placeholder
2020-04-30 Matteo Nastasiadd sprites for original cards-set
2020-04-30 Matteo Nastasifactorized script to produce the 3 set of images starti...
2020-04-30 Matteo Nastasifixed bg color for vertical cards
2020-04-30 Matteo Nastasimanage cover too
2020-04-30 Matteo Nastasicomplete sprites-set for xx cards
2020-04-30 Matteo Nastasiadd template rotated of 90 degrees
2020-04-30 Matteo Nastasitools to create bordered cards in a sprite
2020-04-30 Matteo Nastasicentered image 36
2018-01-07 Matteo Nastasiadd squares bg
2018-01-07 Matteo Nastasiadd beta images
2017-02-15 Matteo Nastasi... new background v5.3.0
2017-01-12 Matteo Nastasi... semaphore light added
2016-01-06 Matteo Nastasiadd black ribbon to brisk logo
2015-12-22 Matteo Nastasi... new bg for winter holidays
2015-11-25 Matteo Nastasi... add icon for apprentice's tables
2015-11-02 Matteo Nastasi... missing files added v5.1.2
2015-10-26 Matteo Nastasi... update backgrounds v5.1.0
2015-10-25 Matteo Nastasi... new background
2014-08-15 Matteo Nastasiadd thin icons for meetings advertisement
2014-07-22 Matteo Nastasi... certification icons added
2014-03-05 Matteo Nastasi... saddysunbg image added v4.13.1
2013-08-26 Matteo NastasiMerge branch 'master' of git.birds.lan:brisk-img
2013-08-26 Matteo Nastasiblogsmall added
2013-03-12 Matteo Nastasi... prefs supporter zoom
2013-03-04 Matteo Nastasi... Merge branch 'master' of
2013-03-04 Matteo Nastasi... sup_msk_side_{ry} wrong size fixed
2013-03-03 Matteo Nastasi... side version of supporter icon templates
2013-02-27 Matteo Nastasi... enhanced opacity in sup_msks
2013-02-27 Matteo Nastasi... super masks added
2013-01-02 Matteo Nastasiadd new year icons v4.5.0
2013-01-02 Matteo Nastasi... line-status images renamed
2013-01-01 Matteo Nastasi... yellow status to orange
2013-01-01 Matteo Nastasi... Merge branch 'master' of
2013-01-01 Matteo Nastasi... snowman bg added
2012-12-21 Matteo NastasiMerge branch 'master' of git.birds.lan:brisk-img
2012-12-21 Matteo Nastasiniinivirta supporter added
2012-12-14 Matteo Nastasi... new images for stream monitor
2011-09-11 Matteo Nastasiforgotten images used in main site page 3.6.0
2011-02-26 Matteo Nastasicup image for meeting added 3.5.2 3.5.3 3.5.4 3.5.5 3.5.6 3.6.2 3.6.3
2011-01-08 Matteo Nastasimop state added trusty 3.0.1 3.2.0 3.2.1 3.2.2 3.3.0 3.4.2 3.5.0 3.5.1
2011-01-08 Matteo Nastasinew images added
2011-01-08 Matteo Nastasinew bg
2010-08-29 Matteo Nastasiimages for briskshop banners
2009-12-12 Matteo Nastasi... added
2009-09-19 Matteo Nastasi... fundraising image
2009-08-30 Matteo Nastasi... rabbit state added
2009-08-29 Matteo Nastasi... summer edition
2009-08-29 Matteo Nastasi... summer bg
2009-08-09 Matteo Nastasi... menu for splash window
2009-07-23 Matteo Nastasi... removed corners
2009-07-23 Matteo Nastasi... add brisk donate mlang
2009-06-27 Matteo Nastasi... english version added
2009-06-27 Matteo Nastasi... lost image added
2009-06-27 Matteo Nastasi... moved to -en
2009-06-27 Matteo Nastasi... updated
2009-06-27 Matteo Nastasi... move to -en
2009-06-27 Matteo Nastasi... moved to -en
2009-06-27 Matteo Nastasi... img/brisk_signal.png
2009-06-27 Matteo Nastasi... updated
2009-06-14 Matteo Nastasi... poll img with animation
2009-06-06 Matteo Nastasi... updated
2009-06-06 Matteo Nastasi... image for sicilian meeting
2009-06-06 Matteo Nastasi... images for clusane meeting
2009-06-06 Matteo Nastasi... poll added
2009-05-25 Matteo Nastasi... clu_big added
2009-05-23 Matteo Nastasi... clusane meeting title
2009-05-23 Matteo Nastasi... added
2009-05-23 Matteo Nastasi... images for scighera tournament
2009-05-23 Matteo Nastasi... images for sicily meeting
2009-05-23 Matteo Nastasi... meeting for sicily
2009-05-23 Matteo Nastasi... logo torneo nazionale
2009-05-23 Matteo Nastasi... altout banner
2009-05-23 Matteo Nastasi... new images
2009-05-23 Matteo Nastasi... rounded corners
2009-04-01 Matteo Nastasi... new images
2009-03-29 Matteo Nastasi... mesg to adm vertical word img
2009-03-29 Matteo Nastasi... commands menu img
2009-02-21 Matteo Nastasi... english version of auction buttons
2009-02-21 Matteo Nastasi... new auction icons (ita and en)