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Gimp Multiple User Specialized Engine.

What is it.

Gimuse is a server that using Gimp as a graphic engine give a interfacing at this enriched with some functionality like:
  • management of command group that need an exclusive access at Gimp (critical session)
  • management of variable concerning the start of Gimuse and not of the session (ex. ID of an image charged una tantum as template)
  • management of the same server with the commands for the his pilotage

Because it was written.

To realize the Cultural Association Milug cards it was created a web-application that is based on PHP to use Gimp as a graphic engine. Gimuse was written to interface with gimphp, the PHP group with that we can realize the Gimp script without use at the scheme language.


You can download gimuse from this link.

Flow of the program

Following the phases of the program.
  1. Start
  2. The Gimp start on batch mode
  3. The performance of the scheme commands of the start for Gimp and the memorisation of the possible values give back
  4. Start of the connectivity with a client
    1. The begin of the connection with a client
    2. The execution of the commands sent from the client connected
    3. The end of the connection with the client
    ... shutdown of the program ...
  5. Execution of the scheme ending commands for Gimp
  6. Gimp shutdown
  7. Ending of the program